Why choose Dynamic Business Solutions?

Quality Service for our Clients and Customers

Here at Dynamic Business Consultants we are focused on rapid results and exponential growth.

We have big goals for growth! We will be expanding into 2 new markets and hold a culture where people enjoy coming to work and reaching their goals.


Our experienced team comes from diverse backgrounds with unique strengths. As an organization that focuses on growth, we know that our people are our greatest asset.


Work hard and play hard? Yes, it does exist! At Dynamic Business Solutions we believe in living life to the fullest, taking care of business and giving back to our community.

With the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything!



We believe our team members are our greatest asset.  At Dynamic Business Solutions, we are proud of our ever-growing, hard-working team.

Why choose Dynamic Business Solutions

Taking it to the next level

We’re excited to see our team grow and take the next step in their careers at Dynamic Business Solutions.  Promotions are performance-based and require hard work, a student mentality, and the ability to help others grow and develop.

Out-performing the competition

What Sets Us Apart?

Speed to Market

Our high class training program allows us to roll out new products instantly to bring the best and fastest results for our client.

Proven Systems

We work systematically, which ensures consistent training throughout our team. Our clients can expect the same high standards when expanding.

Determined Team

We have built a team of motivated and goal oriented members who strive and work very hard for their goals. They know their future is in their own hands.

Eliminate Risk

Dynamic Business Solutions has a merit-based program; therefore, the client only has to pay us when we find them quality customers.


A unique approach yielding results that exceed expectations.

Face to Face Approach 95%
Customer Service 90%
Product Knowledge 89%

Contact Info

Phone Number: (918) 728-3492


Email: hr@dynamicbusinesssolutions.biz


Address: 9436 E. 51st Street, Tulsa, OK 74145

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